First Post (using OPML editor)

Wow, I guess this means I did it!

  By it I mean setting up the OPML editor to post to my WP blog
  Also means I am getting more hip.

This is cool.


About Roger Williams

Born in Graceland, raised in Ski Town, and now residing in the Sonoran Desert. My life has been anything but dull and my hope is to convey some of that here. I have played Ice Hockey in China, slammed back Champagne in Prague, slurped Beef Noodle Soup in Taiwan, and even had Black Sausage in London. Of all the places I have been Phoenix has been the longest after my hometown of Vail. In Phoenix I learned that Sales isn't so scary but that it is hard work. I learned how DNS and HTTP work. I also learned that Cycling in the Summer Afternoon is a bad bad terrible bad idea. My goals here are to inspire, enlighten, and at the least make you appreciate where you are in life and the world. Rock on!
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